a recollection from Tom Hutchison

Speaking of Alvin…

I think few people knew of his affection for Hawai’ian music. When I had the bookstore (that brief interlude!), Kathy would bring him into town from the ranch, drop him at the store and take off. I’d play slack key guitar and he’d tell stories in that inimitable manner: charming and self-effacing. He was never a “character” in these anecdotes; he was simply a witness to events that were sometimes earthshaking, always fascinating. I would put a sign on the door- “Back In One Hour.” After an hour, I’d change the sign-“Back in Half Hour.” And keep changing it accordingly. Finally, Alvin said,”Why don’t you make it read ‘Might Be Back’?” I said, “Oh yeah. Thanks.” Wrote that on the door, turned and said,”Now where were we?”