year-end report

Dear Friends of the Josephy Library,

It’s been a fine year at the Josephy Center, and for me and the Library. The May exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Nez Perce National Historical Park was outstanding, and the centenary celebration of Alvin Josephy’s birth, which dovetailed with the Indian art and included the opening of a standing exhibit explaining his life and work, matched it. Albert Barros came with a Nez Perce Tribal Proclamation; Bobbie Conner gave a stirring speech about her grandfather, Alvin, and living on this sacred ground; Nez Perce Drummers sang and drummed. One of them, Gordie Higheagle, remembered staying at the Josephy Ranch during a Day Camp, and a long friendship with Al Josephy. Al spoke too, as did daughter Diane.

And visitor after visitor spends the half hour looking at the pictures and reading the texts to learn why the Center is named “Josephy,” and how Alvin and Betty Josephy wove their ways through the major historical events of the twentieth century and into the hearts of the Wallowa Country—and Indian Country nationwide.

This fall, Alvin’s old friend and sometime publisher Marc Jaffe and I, with the aid of his world class editor at Knopf, Ann Close, edited and published The Longest Trail: Writings on American Indian History, Culture, and Politics. What Alvin wrote 50 and 60 years ago is still of moment—first reviews say we did a good job of selection.

In 2016 we hope to have an Indian writer in residence in the Library. And we are planning on two Indian artists in residence in the spring—Allen Pinkham Jr. wants to return and build a Nez Perce dugout canoe!

There’s more: Walter Brennan days, with films and a one-man play; women’s art and agricultural art; a Josephy lecture and a ton of art classes for students and adults.

Thanks for your part in it, whether it’s coming to a lecture or concert, reading these blog posts, or making a donation. If you are in the territory, join us on December 3 for our “Gift of Art” show, and come to the annual Christmas Concert on December 20!

And, and… many of you have recently received the annual giving letter from Executive Director Cheryl Coughlan. Please respond as you can if you have not already done so. If you are only connected through this Library Blog, l invite you to jump into the whole party.  You can drop a check in the mail to Josephy Center/ PO Box 949/ Joseph, Oregon 97846, or you can make a quick trip to our web site donation page—