Nez Perce Wallowa Homeland-February 2022

Dear friends,
Yesterday we had a meeting of the Nez Perce Wallowa Homeland executive board. A dozne of us wrestled–on line–with budgets ,rebuilding the showers, rental and use policy on the Arbor, expanding the office manager’s hours, and  hiring a successor to current director, Angela Bombaci.

I’ve been involved with this outfit for many years, and am amazed and proud of what it has done–with the 320 acres, the dance arbor, kitchen, and longhouse, with hosting powwows, sending tribal youth up the Snake River and looking now at mountain trips, and with allowing Nez Perce religious leaders from three reservations a place to guide worship in the old ways. The longhouse is not even governed by our non-profit, but by those religious leaders.
After the meeting yesterday, I went to the webpage looking for something that a tribal member had emailed me about–the name of a woman mentioned in the interpretive exhibit in the Wallowa office, also seen as a “virtual exhibit” on the webpage. I spent considerable time going through that exhibit, marveling at what the staff had put together, with great help from Tamastslkit exhibit pros, and with words, photos, artifacts, and ideas from many Nez Perce people.
For a primer and a reminder on Nez Perce history and culture, i suggest you go to the webpage––and scroll down to “Take a Virtual Tour,”

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