Northern Paiutes of the Malheur

We recently had the pleasure of having David Wilson at the Josephy Center to talk about his new book. Wilson is not a historian, not a writer of books–until this one. He was, in a long law career, a writer of law briefs. He told us that he had set out to write a book in retirement. After scribbling about 100 pages on the John Day River, he thought what he had written was all pretty boring. So he threw it away, and reading about the Malheur, the Paiutes, and Chief Egan, his lawyerly self told him that history had it all wrong! And he set out to set it right.

The book has had good regional press, but how often does one of the historical texts that the University of Nebraska specializes in get a review in the New Yorker Magazine!

“Northern Paiutes of the Malheur, by David H. Wilson, Jr. (Nebraska). In 1879, the Northern Paiutes, a Read The Article