The Nez Perce in Oregon: Removal and Return

The Josephy Center received a grant from the Oregon State Capitol Foundation to build an exhibit around this important and tragic history, and encouraging return.
The Nez Perce today are descendants of tribal peoples living in the intermountain west for millenia. Recent archeological findings at Coopers Ferry on the Salmon River put human habitations back to 16,000 years ago. The Nez Perce, Lewis and Clark, then had their lands taken by treaty and by homesteader encroachment–and finally by war. The people–nimiipuu–were then subjected to boarding schools, allotment, and other assimilationist efforts. But the People are resilient, and expanding their presence in Oregon and the Wallowas today,
The physical exhibit, which must fit in a 10 ft x 10 ft space, will be at the Capitol in late 2024. It will be up on the Josephy Center balcony in December.

This virtual edition, which is more generous with images and text, is on the Capitol website now. Click here to view it!