A Map and a Book

I have two proud shoutouts this morning, First is the map of the wal’wá·ma country produced for our wall display at the Josephy Center. The graphic artist is Rob Kemp, a local man with a string of graphic credits at US News, National Geo, etc. He based the map on the work of the Sahaptin place names produced by Phil Cash Cash and others. It was printed on wallpaper and people have to touch it to see if it is raised relief.

The map is attached, and you can have a beautifully printed poster-sized copy of it for $10/ $15 shipped in a tube. And while we are at it, we carry copies of Cáw Pawá Láakni / They Are Not Forgotten, the book mentioned above. It’s $30/ $35 with shipping. It is a marvelous piece of geographical and ethnological research.
A few months ago, Darby Stapp, co-editor of the Journal of Northwest Anthropology, asked me to write an essay for a book How Do We Reach More,There are a number of authors talking about getting cultural research and cultural knowledge to the wider public. Proud to say that i share pages with Jack Nisbet–many of you know his books on David Thompson and David Douglas. My essay is–of course–about writing this blog. Here’s the link to a book that is free online right now, and will be available physically from Amazon sometime soon. Take a look at the table of contents for sure:


  1. Wow, what a beautiful map. I can’t wait to purchase it for myself! I run a teeny tiny bookstore and have been looking for a piece just like this.

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