Changing the mascot name

In the late 1990s. a ruckus arose over the mascot at the Enterprise school They were called “savages,” and for years a copy of the old caricatured Cleveland Indian was painted at the center of the basketball court. Art teacher Gary Wishart had tried to dignify things with a painting of a regal looking Indian with headdress, but change was in the wind nationally. and there were enough local proponents of change to press the issue here.
One of the change proponents was Sam Miller, and Sam kept track of everything. Some time back he brought a box of materials into the library. It was a bit of a jumble, with duplicates of letters and letters to the editors, some outrageous posters distributed at the time, and even a ball cap with the old buck toothed Cleveland logo.
Over the past couple of weeks, Ella Coughlan has gone through the material, pulled aside duplicates, and indexed most things by date. There is some but not complete annotation, and none of the items have been scanned for digital distribution. But we thought we would send out this preliminary index to let you know what we are about, and to ask for suggestions for next steps.
Are there still schools out there in the throes of change?
Is anyone compiling a history of the whole renaming movement who could use this material?
We will appreciate your thoughts as you take a look at the spreadsheet linked below.

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